The importance of Reflection

30 January 2018

The importance of Reflection

After 10 years at SA Equip, I wanted to share a few reflections on my exciting journey with the company. Firstly, I have seen the company grow and develop into a market-leader in the provision of EX Equipment, witnessing adaptability and innovation playing an integral role in our continued success.

I am passionate about making potentially hazardous areas safer. In my daily role, I actively engage with our customers to understand and help mitigate the challenges they face both onshore and offshore. 

Value added, time saved

I have had the pleasure of working on many great projects at my time with SA Equip. One example that positively resonates with me is an experience I had in providing equipment to the Kittiwake Field in the Central North Sea. A global operator was experiencing extensive problems with waxing in the incoming gas pipeline, which was hindering the production of the well and costing them a substantial amount of money.

A main cause of the problem was the incoming pipeline being connected to a valve which was restricting the flow and causing an intense drop in pressure. As I have developed a wide range of knowledge in the oil and gas industry, I was able to analyze the needs of the customer and correctly provide ATEX Certified Pipe Heating Jackets to meet their requirements.

The variation of sizes of our pipe heating jackets, allowed them to be positioned easily around the valve stem to achieve optimum results. The linkable sections of jackets provided an effective system to control the waxing throughout the pipeline and minimise costs incurred by slower production.

A key benefit of this application was the versatility of the equipment allowed it to be utilised in other situations that the operator required.

Keep Engaging, Keep Learning

I am fortunate to visit our customers regularly face-to-face and meet new people within the energy industry. This allows me to keep up-to-date with industry developments and stay at the forefront of the EX Market.  SA Equips ethos and focus on providing equipment that offers the highest level of safety and efficiency motivates and inspires me to achieve better results.