Guest BlOG: How the EX Market has Evolved with Brian MacRAE

09 November 2017

Guest BlOG: How the EX Market has Evolved with Brian MacRAE

My day to day job involves attending international CompEx centers to instruct or assess candidates on their competence to work safely using EX Equipment within potentially explosive atmospheres. SA Equip first reached out to me in 2011 requesting a CompEx training course for some of their employees. This relationship later developed into a bespoke course for SA Equip clients on ATEX and EX equipment for use in explosive atmospheres. 

The evolution of the EX Market  

An increase in the awareness of both potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres has led to stricter safety requirements within the EX market. Across industries today, the level of knowledge and understanding of EX Equipment has vastly increased – with a wide range of personnel having an increased interest in learning about the application and capabilities of EX safety equipment.

The EX market is forward thinking in nature, in recent years we have seen developments in portable, movable equipment with increased usage of LED lighting, as well as use of EPL’s as a protection and marking system. These key developments have led to more details being applied to the EX product labels and requirements for more understanding.

Importance of complying with ATEX & IECEx Regulations

Safety is a more than a desire in the oil and gas industry, it is a necessity.  Compliance with industry regulations helps companies and employees to take a step in the right direction to obtaining safer and more efficient work environments. ATEX are directives which create UK regulations and are issued by the European Union. These directives require European countries to create laws for companies and personnel to follow to enable safe working in a potentially explosive atmosphere. IECEx is not a directive, it is a set of International standards that are used by companies and individuals to understand the requirements for working safely in explosive atmospheres.

Both ATEX and IECEx are important in setting levels of safety with equipment and personnel who work in these explosive atmospheres, whether in Europe or the rest of the world.

Potential industry Breakthrough in the EX Market

As an educator, I see education playing a significant role for the industry and the EX market. With advances in battery technology, I would expect further development of portable and handheld EX equipment. I have also seen that LED and optical technology has advanced and suspect this will also continue to increase in development and use within the EX equipment sector.

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