Efficiency through Product Compatibility

Lower profit margins across a range of industries means more efficient operations and processes are critical to aid not only success, but survival....

01 December 2017

Guest BlOG: How the EX Market has Evolved with Brian MacRAE

My day to day job involves attending international CompEx centers to instruct or assess candidates on their competence to work safely using EX...

09 November 2017

The importance of R &D in designing EX Equipment

Although mostly unseen, I am usually nestled in our Research and Development area, designing and testing new product concepts and improving our...

02 November 2017

A Reinvigorated market: A Glimpse of things to come

The oil and gas industry has dealt with a great number of challenges since the downturn began in 2015. The industry has often been characterised as...

19 September 2017

3 Key Qualities for EX Market Success: Presenting SA Equip’s Journey

From providing electrical supplies to the shipping industry to market leading EX equipment supplier to the oil and gas industry globally – SA has had...

14 August 2017

Our world firsts: Durable and Dependable EX Equipment 

The oil and gas industry has played an integral role in the development of the global economy over the years and benefits our lives in a number of...

08 August 2017

How to increase operational success in the oil and gas Industry using EX certified equipment

During a period of uncertainty and hesitance throughout the oil and gas industry, there has always been one aspect of companies operations that cannot...

03 August 2017

ATEX Power Range for the people

Dependable, uninterrupted and most importantly safe power distribution is fundamental in allowing companies across every industry to operate...

28 July 2017

Safe and practical ATEX equipment for Potentially Explosive Areas

Potentially explosive working areas are defined as locations in which gases, vapors, mists and dusts combined with air can form flammable substances....

21 July 2017

Time for the real world - 3 Questions with Louise Green, our new Marketing Executive

We are happy to introduce the latest addition to our team, Louise Green. 

19 July 2017
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